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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Calling all collectors! I think just about everybody has collected something in their lifetime, rather is, baseball cards, souvenirs, antiques, you name it, we’ve all been there. I probably qualify as one who collects a little too much, but collecting is something I thoroughly enjoy! My love for collecting started from an early age with rocks actually, I fell in love with all type from the ones you’d find in the river beds to the pretty, shiny ones in stores. So for years, rocks were my thing, but eventually, I grew up and got to cool for said rocks, and sadly I’m not sure what happened to most of them.

Anyways, a few years had passed and I was on a family road trip all the way to California. We were walking the streets of San Francisco with my grandparents, (PS: they were always spoiling us by us I mean me and my 4 sisters….) and they took us into a souvenir shop and told each of us to pick something it was their treat. At our age, this was a pretty tough decision, but after talking to my gramps for a while, I had decided what I wanted to do. I wanted to collect keychains, as much as we travel, I wanted to have something to remember the trip by, and keychains were perfect! They are in just about every store, they’re not massive, don’t cost a ton, and they are super cool! So from that day on, I became dedicated, every stop we made I went on the hunt for the perfect keychain to showcase where we went!

The one that started it all!

I’ve been collecting these for about 10 years now, and I’ve gathered quite a few. For years I’ve kept them all linked together and stashed away in a box. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to display them.

I finally came up with a design I liked, Check it out!

  • The top row is all gifts, so they are my bucket list places. as you can see they are from Paris, Italy, Rome, you know all those cool places!

  • Row #2 is all the places I’ve been out of the states! I hope to be adding to this on soon! I’ve been dreaming of going to Iceland and staying here, you see I have a minor obsession with stars and this place lets you literally sleep under them and the northern lights! So anyways I hope to be adding some keychains from there soon!

  • Row #3 is all the places I’ve visited here, in the last 10yrs!

  • The last row is cute generic ones I’ve collected over the years.

I’m sure there are bigger collections out there, and I know to most it seems silly to display key chains. For me, each of these contains a memory from the places I’ve been or places my family went and thought of me.

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