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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

This Diy project was one of those that kind of came out of nowhere… I don’t know about you, but usually, I plan my projects for some time before I get around to doing them. However this one was different, I was just sitting there one morning, we had the day off work and I decided I wanted to build something!

So that’s just what I did, I had the entryway decorated and it worked great for keys but my husband wanted a shelf to place the stuff from his pockets when he gets home from. So after some scrolling through Pinterest, I came up with this idea.

I already had the bench thanks to my hubby! ( I had him build me a guest book bench for our wedding, which turned out amazing but that’s a story for another time)

This meant all I had to do was get some materials, we were going to town for lunch anyways. So we stopped by the home depot to get the supplies necessary (list below).

Enough of me rambling let’s get down to business, follow the steps below to complete your DIY wooden entryway coat rack.


Step – By – Step

1. Measure your area and determine your coat rack size. (my overall size is 60″ W x 33″H)

2. Get your supplies, listed & linked below.

3. Lay out your cut 1x6s out like so, be sure to place the board face side down. (I used a penny to get my shiplap spacing)

4. To secure the boards together I used scrap 1x4s.

5. Secure these boards with wood glue and 3/4″ long screws.

5. Paint your wood panel, I used a semi-gloss white paint.

While the paint was drying I went to work on the shelf brackets!

Shout out to shanty 2 chic for the easy  DIY Rustic Corbel how to.


1. Mount your shiplap sign to your wall. Using 3″ wood screws, through your panel into the wooden studs. (If you don’t want the mounting screws visible, try to strategically place them behind the shelf brackets, and coat hooks)

2. Place and mount your custom-built shelf brackets.

3. Cut your shelf boards to length and mount them to the brackets.

4. Mount your coat hooks, after a ton of searching I finally tracked down these guys from hobby lobby! Brown Metal Hooks, Only $2ea, but you will need hardware.

I love how this one turned out, however, I felt like something was missing! So I decided to add a custom vinyl monogram.

This was the icing on the cake, it completely tied the look together, and the installation process was a breeze!

For a quick how-to video check this out –  DIY Custom Monogram installation

It’s so nice to have a place to organize all of our things. Living in a small apartment you learn to take advantage of all available space! Have you made a DIY coat rack of have ideas for one? I’d love to see them, just leave a link in the comments?

Supply List

Shiplap Sign

  • Qty-3   1″x6″x10′

  • Qty-1   1″x4″x10′

  • 3/4 Screws

  • 3″ Screws

  • Wood Glue


  • Bracket Qty-2   2″x4″x8′

  • Cedar 2″x6″10′

Monogram Vinyl Decal

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