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Man Cave, Gym & Guest House Transformation

We had some family coming down all the way from Montana this past weekend so we decided to overhaul our pool/guest house. With a tight deadline, we had to get creative to determine what we wanted to do. It took about 2 weekends, some nights and a good amount of planning. Thanks to our family of 8, we were able to refresh the space and give it more of a industrial rustic decor. Let’s face it, you can create some pretty cool decor with the right tools.


This was by far the biggest project of this overhaul, but for how small this room is I think it !turned out great


This is a queen floating bunk-bed with a king on the lower which means plenty of room for guests to stay the night.
One of the first things we did was remove these heavy curtains and tinted the windows,.
Its amazing how much bigger this room feels with all that natural light.
The shelf pictured here is removable so we can access the hot water tank as needed, but all it did was collect dust so we decided to class it up a bit.
We converted it to a faux barn door, and it bought a lot of life to the area!
This space just felt so boring, who would ever feel motivated to work out in this dinginess?
I mean who wouldn't want to work out here!
Our pool house consisted of random decor we have collect over the year hence the modern clock and the beach painting.
I think this was the best upgrade, its so much fun to play. Plus who doesn't love an excuse to use pallet wood!
Yes we had curtains on both sides, why I do not know...
We made a score chalk board to help keep track of all those family rivalry games. Also printed out some fun vintage sports posters to add to the sports bar vibe.
Here we are again with that random decor, this guy was soooo heavy to move but just wait till you see what took his place.
Just look at this wood and metal combination.

As you can see, it was quite a transformation. Sadly we missed a few before pictures but we have plenty of after photos! Here are some of the things we added to the project.

Don’t worry we didn’t toss that beach painting. We just found him a new home, I think it fits better in the outside pool bathroom, don’t you?

Ohh the details, this bedroom turned out even better then we imagined.

We loved how the bedroom closet shelf turned out so much we ended up making a linen/storage shelf to match and in my opinion, it’s just a wonderful.

For the game room decor, we wanted to give it a man cave sports bar feel as we had the pool table out there. So we created a fun gallery wall, refurbished the tv trays, (yes they were a pickled oak color before) and just like that we were finished.

So overall I think this transformation was a success, it looks great, plus our relatives from Montana loved it! Yes we were pressed for time, yes we had to work long nights and weekends but you know what it was quality family time. We laughed, sang, giggled and argued (hey no one is perfect). Most importantly we were together and together is our favorite place to be.

There was no way we could have completed this without the help of each other. Did you see something you liked and want to give it a go? Here are the links to the how to’s of all the things we created!


As always thanks for joining us on our journey, hope you enjoyed this fun transformation, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


-BW Blacksmith Family

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