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His & Hers Graduation Decor

2018 Graduation was finally here, and I was super excited when my cousin Dylan and his girlfriend Linsay asked me to help with their graduation party! I’m by no means an event planner, but I enjoy the challenge of any DIY project.

The overall theme was gold and black and of course 2018 graduation! Lindsay had some inspiration and ideas from Pinterest so we went to work. Thanks to my wedding we had a few years back we had a lot of the essential things we needed, like tables, benches, chalkboard signs, mason jars and such. (I’ve link all the products below)

The first thing we had to tackle was Dylan’s table. After a lot of researching on Pinterest,  I started to realize there isn’t a lot of graduation tables for guys that aren’t sports related. So we had to get a little creative and we ended up going with a manly theme. We collected a couple bags of bullets from the shooting range, grabbed an ammo box added a yeti bucket, a few other details, and the cake, we can’t forget about the cake! Just like that we had a non-sports themed graduation table.

Graduation Decor For Him- Class of 2018

The chalkboard and the wooden stand were homemade.

Graduation chalk board

The ammo box you see here comes from Man They make these awesome gift baskets for guys. They fill them with all sorts of guys stuff like tools, jerky and such. 

Custom graduation water bottle labels

You can find the Yeti Bucket at most sporting stores. The water bottle labels we ordered from They have a design tool that you can easily create your own design or upload  your artwork. I ended up designing my own but you can find a similar digital download here.

We used some wood slices we had from a previous event to create this soda cake, but you can find these at your local craft store.

My aunt had a local baker make the awesome cake and cupcakes for us. You can check out some of her work here

Now its time for Lindsay’s table! She wanted something simple and classy, so we continued on with the black and gold theme here. I think my favorite thing about her table was the custom hula hoop wreath we made.

Classy Graduation Decor for her

Both Dylan and Lindsay’s table has a cloth backdrop. We wanted to avoid putting holes in the wall so we built a PVC frame to drape the cloth over.

custom hulu hoop wreath with name

The hula hoop wreath was by far my favorite thing to make. I didn’t document a how-to, so you can check out wonderful creations blog for a tutorial.

graduation cupcake ideas
graduation cupcake ideas
Graduation Favor Ideas
Graduation advice for the future
His and Hers Graduation Chaulk Board

We got our balloons and confetti from Amazon.

Life is always a party with these people, we spent hours crafting and goofing off. Who would have thought cleaning bottles and assembling thank you favors could be such a blast!  Honestly, the memories made prior to the event were almost as much fun as the event itself.

I am so grateful to Dylan and Lindsay for trusting me to throw them a grad bash. They worked so hard to get their diplomas, and I only hope I was able to help make it a night they will never forget.


This was such a fun event to plan, considering we only had a couple of weeks to pull it off I think it turned out pretty amazing! Have you ever planned a grad party before? If so I’d love to see your party decor!

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