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At the heart of the BW Blacksmith Coffee Company lies family. Anything and everything we do, we do together as a family here at BW. For years, we have been a DIY family. From building coffee tables to building homes, together, we have done it all. Our passion for working together, handcrafting quality products, and creating memories along the way was instilled in us by our grandpa, Bernard Camille Willems, or as he was known to those around him, Ben. Grandpa Ben was an incredible man in every sense of the word. He was a true craftsman who took deep pride in his work, possessed a desire to always go the extra mile, was firmly grounded (steady, unyielding?) in his faith, and had a true love for his family. He loved spending time working on projects together, sharing in the special memories and making sure the work days were never dull and full of silly moments!  
He was an avid collector of tools and parts from years gone by, especially pieces that reflect the working man’s history and early American grit and ingenuity. In his last few years, he became passionate about blacksmithing and even built a working blacksmith shop that was his pride and joy. 
Unfortunately, he passed away before being able to really start working on his blacksmith projects after being diagnosed with cancer. His passing has driven us to carry on his legacy, share with others all of the values he so diligently impressed upon us, and given us a desire (eagerness, commitment?) to lend a helping hand to those fighting cancer and their families. Thus, BW Blacksmith Coffee Co. was born. A percentage of all proceeds go directly to victims of cancer and their families to help them defeat this terrible disease. In his memory, we turned B.W. Blacksmith into a brand to allow his enthusiasm for hard work, family, friends, and faith in God to live on.


We love our community and are working hard to make a difference. We are working on a plan to allow a percentage of all sales to go to helping families with a member fighting cancer. This is our why. Why we are working so hard to make a difference in the lives of members dealing with these really hard situations. After losing the most wonderful Father, Grandpa, Husband, and Friend our passion became to somehow support those facing this most unthinkable and devastating disease. We don't want to just throw money to some big organization. We want the money to go directly to those suffering most to help the families enjoy special moments and memories together during the short time they have left. not have to worry about bills and stress. We want to create special memories that will last a lifetime. We would like to thank each and every one of you who support us and are helping us make this a reality.

-Father, please give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the Courage to change the things we can and the Wisdom to know the difference.

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